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Computer Lab / Library

All students in grades K-5 visit the library and computer lab on a scheduled weekly basis. Our library utilizes automated check out and cataloging systems. Our library is used for story telling, research and reference, a source for borrowing books, as well as a maker space for our students.  We ask that all books and materials that are borrowed from the library be returned on the due dates.  Students who lose or damage borrowed materials are immediately  responsible for any repair or replacement costs.  Parent materials are also available for check out!

Our Maker Space/Computer Lab is set up for students to learn to integrate technology with curricular standards, in addition to helping students become proficient in using the computer.  We have a 36 station computer lab with overhead projection system and surround sound.  Students attend at least once per week. In addition to the computer lab, each grade leave has access to iPads and/or Chromebooks.