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The SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium) is the name for the group of educators, parents, and professionals responsible for the assessments third through fifth grade students will complete at Grace Miller.  The CASPP (California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance) test assesses students on the knowledge gained throughout the year.  The test is completed online using a computer or tablet.  Students not only have to master the grade level content, but must also master many computer skills.
The resources below will help your child, kindergarten to fifth, master a few of the necessary computer skills.  These skills are not only tied to the CASPP, but are skills that are required to operate a computer in the everyday world.

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The purpose of the test is mainly for students to learn the necessary computer skills needed to take the SBAC test online.  However, grade level content is presented in each test.  Answers are not saved, nor are they scored.
(Must use Firefox or Google Chrome - Internet Explorer is not compatible)
You may also access the practice through the available application:
Both apps will require some adjustments to the settings of your device.

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