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Disaster Preparedness

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Grace Miller maintains a current disaster evacuation plan that will be implemented in the case of a major emergency.  In the event of a disaster occurring during school hours, all students remain at school until a parent or authorized person arrives to pick up the child.  In all instances,  students will only be released to someone listed as a contact in Aeries (school SIS).


Each month, staff and students participate in an emergency drill.  During the year, our school participates in a district-wide earthquake drill.

In the event of a potentially dangerous situation (such as police action in the immediate neighborhood) that threatens our school community, the staff will keep the students in their classrooms with the doors locked until the situation has been cleared.  After the "All-Clear" has been issued, then and only then, will students be released if it's appropriate.

Emergency Cards
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 At the beginning of each school year we ask our parents update their contact information and review emergency contacts. This information is updated each year via Infosnap. The information that you submit is essential for the staff to have in the event of an emergency, illness, or any other contact needed. It is equally important to have additional names and phone numbers of persons, other than the parents, who may be contacted and will be responsible for your child, if you cannot be reached. If there is a change in any information during the school year, please call or send the new information to the office as soon as possible.