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Homework assignments may vary from teacher to teacher.  Your child's teacher will explain his/her homework assignments and the district policy at our annual Back-to-School Night.  Your child should be provided with a quiet, comfortable place to study at home.  Daily Home Reading is required in addition to regular homework. 

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Homework is an integral part of the total instructional program that builds responsibility, discipline and life-long learning habits.

The purpose of homework is to develop good study skills, reinforce classroom instruction, prepare for exams and future lessons, develop proficiency of skills, extend learning through enrichment activities, and provide information on student progress.

Students who miss schoolwork because of an excused absence or suspension shall be given the opportunity to complete all assignments as can be reasonably provided.   Students who miss school because of unexcused absences may be able to make up the work for full or reduced credit at the discretion of the teacher.

Homework should be assigned no more than four times per week requiring an average of the following number of minutes per grade level to complete:


            Kindergarten       10 minutes

            First Grade          10-15 minutes

            Second Grade      20 minutes

            Third Grade         30 minutes

            Fourth Grade       40 minutes

            Fifth Grade          50 minutes


In addition to regular homework,  students are expected to read outside of school a balance between self-selected and teacher assigned reading at their independent reading levels.

  • Grades K-3     80-100 minutes per week
  • Grades 4-5     120-150 minutes per week