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Our school does allow store bought treats to celebrate birthdays at the end of the school day.  Please consult with your student's teacher to discuss their classroom policy and to CHECK FOR ALLERGIES. Many students have food allergies, and we don't want to attract bugs.   Also, we will not deliver flowers, balloons or treats to the classroom.  If you wish to acknowledge your child's birthday at school, we suggest sending a pencil for each student or giving a book to the classroom in honor of your child's birthday. Our Grace Miller PTA generously gives each student a book during the month of his/her birthday or in June for summer birthdays.


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Holiday Parties
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Grace Miller may have celebrations for the following occasions: Winter Break, Valentine's Day, and End-of-Year.  All activities, food, and times will be decided on by the classroom teacher.  Room parents are asked to assist the teacher in planning and running each of the approved holiday parties.